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Complete Teen Course

This course includes 30 hours of classroom work and 8 hours behind-the-wheel driving lessons. Also included within the 30 hour classroom section is the 8-Hour Safe Driving Course, mandatory in Connecticut.

This class is offered in 4-hour segments (Every other Tuesday & Wednesday, 4pm-6pm). You can join the class on any Tuesday, starting with that week's segment.

Complete Teen Course


11 two-hour sessions plus the 8-Hour Mandatory Safe Driving Course

Classes every other Tuesday or Wednesday

Tuesday & Wednesday

8-Hour Safe Driving Course

Any person regardless of age that has never held a Connecticut state driver's license is required to take an 8-hour mandatory safe driving course. This class includes 4 hours of the effects of Drugs and Alcohol and 4 hours of safe driving practices. 16 & 17 year-olds must call the office to schedule the 2-hour Parent portion and are only allowed 2 hour increment of class on school nights. At the end of the class students who have completed the 8-hour driving class will receive a CS1 certificate. This must be presented to the DMV. Register ahead of a scheduled class to assure yourself a seat for the date you are available. For the convenience of our customers, we do accept walk-in's providing there are seats available.

  • All of our driving classes are held in a professional, and educational environment.
  • Finish the driving class in just one day.
  • CS1 Certificate issued on the day of completion. (No need to wait)
  • All major credit cards accepted (MC, Visa, Discover, Paypal & debit)
  • Walk-in's welcome providing seats are available. Registration starts at 8:30am Saturdays

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8-Hour Safe Driving Class. 16 & 17 Year Olds, Please call the office to schedule the Parent class

Wednesday & Thursday
6:00pm-10:00 pm


Jan 1 & 2
Jun 12 & 13



Jun 8
Jun 22
Jun 29

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

  • All of our behind-the-wheel driving lessons are given by state certified advanced instructors to ensure that you get the best training possible.
  • During behind-the-wheel driving lessons, the instructors work one on one with you to help you acheieve the best results.
  • Chase "2" Driving School offers packages and hourly rates for behind-the-wheel lessons.
  • All of our vehicles are equipped with a brake on each side for the safety of the student and instructor.
  • All our vehicles are state inspected regularly for safety!

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2-Hour Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson & Road Test at Our School


Contact us for requirements and to schedule

2-Hour Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson


Contact us to schedule your lessons

1-Hour Driving Lesson


Contact us to schedule your lesson

License Testing

Chase "2" Driving School will rent you our vehicle for your DMV driving test. We will pick you up, bring you to the DMV and wait for your driving test to be completed, then return you to your home. We charge a flat fee.

License Testing

Call for Fees

Contact for availability and details

Road tests available for 16-21 year olds.

You can now take your DMV road test at Chase "2" Driving School's location. A DMV inspector comes here so you can take the driving portion of your test in familiar surroundings. You can avoid the DMV lines and feel more relaxed with people and a place you already know.

  • DMV driving test done at our school for 16-21 year olds only.
  • Home-trained students can test at our school after taking a 2-hour road lesson with Chase "2" Driving School
  • Test dates are twice a month

Road Test - Onsite

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Call for requirements and test dates


Description Schedule & Fees

Special Teen Package

Combine the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class, 2-Hour Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson, and the onsite Road Test at Chase "2" Driving School into one package.

Special Teen Package


Please call the office to schedule

Adult Packages

Combine the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class and Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons at Chase "2" Driving School into one convenient package.

  • The Special Adult Package includes 2 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons. We can either get you started or help you get ready for your driving test in those 2 hours.
  • The Intermediate Adult Package includes 4 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons to boost your confidence.
  • The Premium Adult Package includes 8 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons. You can take them scattered throughout your learning to get questions answered and skills evaluated as you gain driving experience.
  • The Ultimate Adult Package includes 16 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons meant to help you achieve driving skills necessary to take the driving test if you don't have a car or if you need an experienced driving instructor.

Special Adult Package


Please call the office to schedule

Intermediate Adult Package


Please call the office to schedule

Premium Adult Package


Please call the office to schedule

Ultimate Adult Package


Please call the office to schedule

Refund Policy

We allow six months to complete the Complete Teen Course. We allow three months to complete any other course package. While we understand that special circumstances occur, no refunds can be made after payment is received.

Regardless of age, everyone is required by Connecticut State Law to obtain a learners permit before being able to drive on the road.