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FAQs for Parents

Why should we choose Chase "2" Driving School for driver education and training?

Chase "2" Driving School Staff are all trained, educated, and licensed with the State of Connecticut. Each Driving Instructor must complete a drug screen, a DCF check, a background check, and a driving record check. Our instructors have received glowing comments from students about their knowledge and how they make our classes interesting.

Chase "2" Driving School vehicles adhere to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and safety, and go through routine maintenance checks. You can feel confident that your teen is learning to drive in a road-worthy vehicle.

Chase "2" Driving School is a local (West Haven, CT), family owned business. We offer driving lessons, classes, car rentals, packages and much more. We offer evening and weekend classes to fit every driver's individual needs. We cater to each individual so that every graduate gets the right information to learn how to drive and be safe on the road.

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Do parents of 16 and 17 year old teens have to take a driving class also?

Yes, if you live in Connecticut. The State of Connecticut requires that parents of 16-17 year olds must attend a 2-hour safe driving practice classroom session with their teen. These sessions are offered in the evening and on weekends. Parents dread the thought of a driving class, but Chase "2" Driving School promises that you will be given the right information to make you feel more comfortable with your teen driving.

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What driving classes does my teen have to take?

In Connecticut, the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class is mandatory for anyone getting a driving license for the first time (or if their license has expired). So that is the only required class. However, if that course is the only course they take, teens have to hold their driver's permit for 6 months before being eligible to go for their driver's license and you have to do all the training yourself.

Most parents' worst fear is their child driving for the first time. So we suggest the Complete Teen course which consists of 30 hours of classroom (including the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class) and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

We take the time and care to teach each individual student everything pertaining to being a safe and courteous driver, and get them comfortable behind the wheel. We prepare them in an interactive classroom where the teacher lectures, shows video, and plays games (pertaining to driving). We also have guest speakers. With the Complete Teen course, the student only has to hold their permit for 4 months before being eligible to test for a driver's license.

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Why is drivers education important to being a good driver?

Every year, 4000 teenagers are killed in car crashes and about 350,000 are injured. Sixteen and 17 year old drivers are four times more likely than older drivers to be involved in a crash. No matter how old a person is, statistics show a driver needs to have at least 5 years' experience on the roads. At Chase "2" we continually emphasize road safety, rules of the road, and defensive driving.

Teenagers are required to take 30 hours of classroom time and 8 hours of driving with a driving school in order to be eligible to go for their license test after 4 months of receiving their permit. If a student does not go through the driving school, they will not be eligible to go for their test for a period of at least 6 months.

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What are your prices and do you offer packages?

We have package pricing and Chase "2" Driving School will customize a special package to suit your needs. We will meet or beat any of our competitors' advertised pricing.

As far as insurance discounts, check with your insurance carrier. Don't be deceived by driving schools who tell you that if you come to them you will receive an insurance discount. At Chase "2" Driving School we will not deceive you. Driving schools are not in any way affiliated with auto insurance companies. It is solely up to the insurance company themselves to recognize the state licensed driving school. If a school tells you that you will get an insurance discount by enrolling with them, tell them to put it in writing.

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